Your Perfect Match: Karissa

Go Matchy Matchy for Karissa on Giving Hearts Day

My name is Karissa. And there is SO MUCH to me…it’s hard to describe in such a small space! So where do I begin? I’m thoughtful, positive, adventurous, strong, and smart. I have AMAZING staff that remind me of that each day…the Anne Carlsen Center is like that.

One of those people is Kelly. Wow, what can I say about Kelly? We’re like sisters. She knows me. She gets me. She helps me push myself to conquer my fears, and achieve my goals.

My message to you is simple: make your life amazing…because that’s exactly what mine is! And it’s all possible because we have people who believe in me, and what the Anne Carlsen Center is all about.

Thanks so much for listening to my story, and remember to give to the Anne Carlsen Center on Thursday, February 9th, Giving Hearts Day. I would appreciate it! And here’s why.

Please share my story with your friends, and tell them about the wonderful work Kelly is doing (as my sister), to continue to grow, and -one day- reach Disneyland.


Join our family of generous supporters who’re nurturing abilities and changing lives for countless families throughout North Dakota.

Donate to the Anne Carlsen Center on February 9th, Giving Hearts Day.