Your Perfect Match: Clara

Go Matchy Matchy for Clara and her loving family on Giving Hearts Day

I’m Clara! I’m a bright-eyed one-year-old from Grand Forks. I love to work on puzzles, play with Elmo, and giggle. Together, with my three siblings and two silly dogs, we make life a beautiful adventure for mommy and daddy.

I was born with a heart problem that made me very sick. The doctors were able to fix me right up, and now I’m a happy, healthy little girl who’s just beginning to discover what I can do.

Every week, Tricia from the Anne Carlsen Center comes to our house and helps me reach my goals. She’s a special friend that teaches me how to eat, learn, and play right from my very own house.

I’m really grateful to have Tricia and such a great family to laugh with me. Mom says that our lives aren’t “normal”- they are amazing. I think so too!

Please share my story with your friends, and tell them about the wonderful work Tricia is doing to help kids like me thrive. Remember, my amazing life is made richer because of the nice people who donate to the Anne Carlsen Center, and you have a chance to do that too on February 9th, Giving Hearts Day.

Join our family of generous supporters who’re nurturing abilities and changing lives for countless families throughout North Dakota.

Donate to the Anne Carlsen Center on February 9th, Giving Hearts Day.