Your Perfect Match: Amanda and Tony

Go Matchy Matchy for Amanda and Tony on Giving Hearts Day

I’m Tony, and this is Amanda. We live in Grand Forks, and receive Community Based Services from our AWESOME staff at the Anne Carlsen Center.

We could go on and on about how much our DSPs mean to us; how positive and helpful they are…how they help us at home, work, and other community places…but you know what I’m most grateful for? The unforgettable time I spend with my wonderful friend, Amanda.

Amanda is the best. She’s my four leaf clover! We have SO MUCH FUN together. Whether I’m playing a bit of mischief or showing off some sweet dance moves, I love to make her smile. She’s warm, sweet, and can be a bit of a riot herself (when she’s not so sleepy).

I’m sure there’s a special friend that you have, who fills your life with joy …that gives you the freedom to be yourself. Well for me, that’s Amanda, and we’re so lucky to walk hand-in-hand together, on our journey to independence.

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